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At the TriviaWorks, we create the ultimate interactive quiz experiences. We work with venues to create awesome nights out for their patrons. We work with trivia hosts across Australia and New Zealand to put amazing content in the hands of amazing hosts. And we love doing it!




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The TriviaWorks is a consortium of the top trivia companies across Australia and New Zealand. With decades upon decades of experience and over a hundred games a week running in pubs and clubs all across Australia and New Zealand, you know that you can trust the TriviaWorks Network of hosts to offer the best trivia experiences possible. We create and distribute original content produced both in-house and by our network of Affiliates - content that is only of the highest quality possible.


We'd love to create for you a trivia solution. If you're a venue looking to run your own Thought Thwarter or Brain Buster quiz, or if you're a trivia host or an entertainment manager looking to modernise your quiz offerings, then let the TriviaWorks help you select the perfect quizzing solution for you and your venue as part of your wider entertainment portfolio.





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In addition to our fundraising, corporate and special event quizzes and quiz events, our weekly quiz nights are found all over Australia and New Zealand. To find your local TriviaWorks or TriviaWorks Affiliate Quiz night, select your region for a full listing.




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If you've never experienced a TriviaWorks event, then you've never experienced trivia the way it's meant to be! Your patrons will bring their friends, families and colleagues together for a meal and drinks - to pit their knowhow against the mental mettle of your community every week!




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Time and time again, our traditional pub quizzes and multimedia games have succeeded where our competitors have failed. Our traditional-style Thought Thwarter games are a mix of genuinely interesting questions and activity sheets, and our world class multimedia trivia seamlessly incorporates music, pictures and video. We present Brain Buster Trivia and Gee Quiz on your venue’s entertainment system on big screen projector or plasma TVs. Each question is presented clearly on the big screen, along with visual and audio clues, and your host will keep your audience actively engaged throughout the entire night.


It's now easier than ever to host Australia's best trivia games in your venue. If you have the right staff member, and you just need us to support you with quality questions and marketing support, then our DIY trivia is right for you. Our DIY packs start from just $77 a week for our Thought Thwarter (Traditional) Trivia, and $88 a week for our Brain Buster (Big Screen) Trivia - unquestionably the best value quizzes on the market.


Our trivia content is amazing, but our hosted trivia nights go above and beyond because the TriviaWorks Network hosts who run them are the best - and prove it time and time again. We work with the best companies from all over Australia and New Zealand - from Sydney's Trivia Magic to Melbourne's Legends Trivia, from Brisbane's SmartAttack Trivia to Gee Quiz in New Zealand. TriviaWorks Alliance member companies pair years of experience and knowledge with the most exciting game formats for a pub and club quiz experience beyond anything our competitors can produce.



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